Freddie B Photography™ | A leisurely walk thru the neighborhood

A leisurely walk thru the neighborhood

March 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

After spending two days holed up at my computer writing my most recent article and working on photos, I needed to get out and get some fresh air: and me being the photographer I am, I NEVER leave home without my camera:


A colorful Judendorf residential area A little bit of New York in JudendorfA little bit of New York in Judendorf Walking and biking path along the Mur river...make sure your dogs are leashed or you may be fined Picturesque walk along the MurPicturesque walk along the MurThe Mur ( Slovenian , Croatian and Hungarian Mura ) is a river running through Austria , Slovenia , Croatia and Hungary flows and in parts of its course forms the border between the four states A bit of an artistic touchwith some images, I just cannot resist the creative urge within me. This image "jumped out" at me declaring, "Create me!" A picturesque walk along the MurA picturesque walk along the Mur Sappi Mill in GratkornSappi Mill in GratkornWith over 400 years of paper production experience, Gratkorn Mill in Austria has been designed to create superior-quality paper using the latest technology.
Gratkorn is an integrated mill situated on either side of the river Mur near Graz (Austria). The mill produces high quality multi-coated papers which are used for premium quality publications all over the world. Sappi totally revolutionised the mill with the building of one of the largest and most advanced coated fine paper production lines in the world. This paper machine has been upgraded in 2014 and is again state of the art. The possible grammage range for coated paper has been increased. In 2015 a general rebuild of critical parts of the liquor boiler and recovery plant has been finished. Key to this upgrade is the positive environmental impact with a decrease in noise pollution and in NOX/SO2 emissions.
Sappi Gratkorn mill produces 980,000 tons of high quality double and triple coated papers annually which are used for premium quality publications all over the world. The mill produces 250,000 tons totally chlorine free (TCF) chemical pulp and it has an annual sheet finishing capacity of 875,000 tons. About 95% of the mill’s production is exported. Gratkorn mill has around 1240 highly skilled and motivated employees.
with?with? ...or without?...or without? Creek feeding to the Mur riverCreek feeding to the Mur river Maria Strassengel Pilgrimage Church sits atop a hill overlooking the community.Maria Strassengel Pilgrimage Church sits atop a hill overlooking the community.he Pilgrimage Church Maria Strassengel (German: Wallfahrtskirche Maria Straßengel) is a fourteenth century Gothic church located on a hill overlooking the market town of Judendorf-Straßengel in the district of Graz-Umgebung, a few kilometres northwest of Graz, Austria on the right bank of the Mur river. The town was first mentioned in the year AD 860 as Strazinolum. The fourteenth century Gothic pilgrimage church was constructed between 1346 and 1355, and contains an important high altar.[1] Once surrounded by fortified walls and guarded by a three-story tower (1355–66) with elaborate stonemasonry, the church still retains 77 sections of its fourteenth century Gothic stained-glass windows.[1] The original plans for the high altar in white marble (1885) were originally drawn by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in 1687 but never carried out.[2] The pilgrimage church contains a piece of tree root shaped like Jesus on the cross. This root is not displayed to the public, but shown to people on request. Children's schoolChildren's schoolThe sign says: Attention Children For more traffic safety Residential street in JudendorffResidential street in Judendorff


Jim Pixley(non-registered)
Fred - I love the photos! You are going to be having the time of your life and I am among those that truly do appreciate your sharing of the events and sharing the area via your camera! Enjoy, have fun and be safe!
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