Honors & Awards

March 2015
Won Contest Finalist
ViewBug.com Abandoned Places Photo Contest
Abandoned Places
August 2016
Won Featured August 2016
Image hand-picked to be featured on the ViewBug.com wall

Moseying Along

May 2016
Won Contest Finalist
ViewBug.com Horses And People Photo Contest
Moseying Along
July 2016
Won Featured 
Image hand-picked to be featured on the ViewBug.com wall
Abandoned Places
June 2017 Contest Finalist in
Anything Reflections, Viewbug.com
Sept.  2016

Achieved Top 20% Rank
Gurushots.com "Captivating Silhouettes" Photo Challenge

Captivating Silhouettes

Nov, 2017

Top 10% most voted


 Cover PhotoImage Of The Month, Vol 27

Courthouse Rock

Nov, 2017

Peer Choice Award, Nov. 2017, 

  Viewbug Profile

Courthouse Rock
Jan, 2019 Contest Finalist

“Bright City Lights”, Viewbug.com

Sept, 2019
Honorable Mention
Fusion Art 3rd Annual Skies Art Exhibition
Aurora Borealis above Skagsanden Beach, Norway
Oct, 2019 Contest Finalist Viewbug.com: Animal with Wings
Bald Eagle Near Thompson Falls, Montana
Jan, 2019 2nd Place Fusion Art 4th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition Golden Morning
Jan, 2020 Honorable Mention Fusion Art 5th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition Early Morning Hike along the South Kaibab Trail”
Apr, 2020 Winner #kidsandhorses Viewbug.com Circle of the West
Apr, 2020 2020 Choice Award Viewbug.com Kate Kelton Flip Magazine Shoot-466
Aug, 2021

“Judge Favorite Award”

Viewbug.com "My Soul Yearns for a Land Away"
Oct, 2021 Special Merit Award Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Room Gallery

"Forgotten" & "Aurora Borealis Over Skagsanden Beach Norway"

Oct, 2021 Special Merit Award

11th Annual International "Nature" Online Art Competition ((t.ly/TQOq), Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery


“Watching the Passersby” (t.ly/xbTE) & "Morning walk along the South Kaibab Trail” (t.ly/TQYd).