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These are a few of the images I captured during a workshop in March of 2015 called "Spirit & Light" held at the V6 Ranch in Central California. The workshop was taught by Piper McKay, a photographer whose work inspires me beyond measure (, and my time there was both a turning point and a much needed boost in my photographic journey.

Not only did I learn and discover some new techniques in capturing images of the magnificent creatures we call horses, I also discovered my own technique that I developed previously and what I call my "Norman Rockwell" look, will forever have a place among select images of my future works. This is largely due to positive feedback and comments from Piper and the other students, and simply put, this technique looks just so darn suited for some images, as I think you will see in some of these images in the gallery.

I cannot say enough, nor sufficiently put into words, the profound impact Piper Mackay's workshop had on my self-confidence and photographic journey. I left the workshop believing in myself just a tad bit more...but I still have a ways to go :) To learn about Piper's Spirit & Light Workshops, which I highly recommend, and other workshops led by her, please visit here:

And if you would like an excellent weekend getaway on a working horse ranch with top rated accommodations, visit the V6 Ranch's web page here: (

Many thanks to the Wranglers, aka models for a day, Matt Allgood, Madalynn Saunders, Audrey Griffin, Gary Bolen, Quentin Hall, and Brinan Varian. And special thanks to Piper Mackay for this workshop that forever was a valuable addition to my photographic journey, and to the staff at V6 Ranch for both exquisite accommodations and for providing a beautiful and majestic backdrop to our shoots.
Trick RidingTime for an Evening Walk the HorseSunset SerenityRound 'Em UpRopin' the WindPony Express?Picture Perfect...with a Rope and a Good HorsePickin' Up the SlackJust too easyGit Up & GoGary BolenBrinan and Matt shows us how it's doneBorn to RideAudrey GriffinAmerican CowgirlA Vision of BeautyA day on the ranch"Whoa""What Are We Waitin' For""Moseying Along"