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The prints on exhibition: 1 framed 16x32 Limited Edition (x/30), 7 framed 12x18 Limited Edition (x/30), and 7 framed 8x10 prints
Aurora Borealis over Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten Islands, NorwayBald Eagle, Trout Creek, Montana"Golden Morning"Eiffel TowerEurasion Red SquirrelFlakstad Pollen, Lofoten Islands, Norway"Forgotten"Olivia Quigley, starter for the USA relay team, Special Olympic World Games August 01, 2015Spotted Eel, Santa Rosa Reef, Cozumel"The Little Fishing Man"The Love of a Father and ChildThe Quiet Serenity & Beauty of Kate KeltonTrio of Giraffes"Waiting"