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The prints on exhibition: 1 framed 16x32 Limited Edition (x/30), 7 framed 12x18 Limited Edition (x/30), and 7 framed 8x10 prints
Eiffel TowerOlivia Quigley, starter for the USA relay team, Special Olympic World Games August 01, 2015The Quiet Serenity & Beauty of Kate Kelton"Waiting"Spotted Eel- Santa Rosa Reef, Cozumel.jpgTrio of Giraffes.jpgForgotten.jpgThe Little Fishing Man.jpgThe Love of a Father and Child.jpgCourthouse Rock, Sedona.jpgBald Eagle, Trout Creek, Montana.jpgAurora Borealis over Skagsanden Beach, Norway.jpgFlakstad Pollen.jpgEurasion Red Squirrel.jpg