"This is a buddy of mine (. . . ). I've known him a long time and in many different atmospheres, but this, this is where he thrives. He's been shy at times but this is where his soul sings, and it's lovely to watch. (. . . ) His photographs are amazing. If you like them, let him know. He a a true up and coming photographer and has amazing stories behind all of them. He is an inspiration to me and my creativity. I hope you love them as I do, and I hope you get to know Fred!!!!! He is a living smile ;) Enjoy!!!" - Kari Kranfill 


What actress/artist Kate Kelton had to say when introducing him as her guest feature artist at her LA solo show, Indomitable:

"An award-winning, published photographer passionate about travel, (as well as animal rescue, rodeo, scuba, cooking, children’s charities & writing,) Freddie B's Asperger's helps provide a special POV to focus on the world he once fought daily to defend and protect, (as a marine, and, a now-retired police officer.)

    Being an Aspie, his camera becomes his "voice" and where he is most comfortable sharing the beauty of the world around him, and those within it. Allowing himself the freedom to create through the lens of his camera gives Freddie the ability to fully express his vision and to "speak" through his stunning, oft-haunting images.

     INDOMITABLE will mark Freddie's debut LA exhibit, celebrating his work in Prague shooting Kate Kelton’s family’s architecture among the other sights.

     Freddie has exhibited with the Apero Gallery in Orange, Ca., been published in Landscape Photography, San Diego Voyager, Flip, and Avant Guard Magazines, and enjoyed several digital exhibitions with Gallery Hinterland in Vienna, Austria, ORMS School of Photography in Cape Town, South Africa, Valid World Hall Gallery in Barcelona, Spain and Berlin Blue Art Gallery in Berlin, Germany."